Since the beginning of the New Year, we have been discussing the possibility of introducing a cochlear implant and a corona virus vaccine, and some of our friends have decided to take a tour of their vehicles. One said her car was asking for work, and the garage hadn’t gone in a year. It is safe to say that the 50-kilometer journey was smooth.

Regular maintenance and repair of all utensils is required. In our childhood, artisans went from village to village repairing pots, pans, lanterns, torches and umbrellas. When the clothes are torn and the slippers are torn off, the father takes them and repairs them on the day of the market. Homelessness happens every year. The well is also open.

The same is true of the human body. Regular health checkups are now commonplace at the age of fifty. The functioning of organs such as blood sugar, blood pressure, kidneys and heartbeat should be checked once every six months.

Needless to say, we need equipment, vehicles, furniture and, above all, regular maintenance of our bodies and repairs where necessary. Before the test, the tip of the pen and the tip of the pencil are examined. We all have a bitter experience of having a bad car on the road. It is then that negligence in maintenance is blamed.

The role of man’s hopes, fears, feelings and consciousness is just as important as his body and property. These invisible factors control the pronunciation and behavior of humans. The mind is the main source of human connection with them. Common phrases such as “This world is at the root of the mind ….”, “The mind is its own guru ..”

Just as the invisible software in computer management is the main controller, the mind is the control room of human speech and action. If the mind is not good, the nectar feels like poison. All sorts of divorces, domestic violence, and family quarrels caused by depression. It is in the mind that the fire of anger and revenge catches fire. Gold burns to ashes.

Performance is impossible without mind control. Weaknesses are a paradise for depression and depression. As a result, the incidence of violence, crime and suicide is on the rise. The fear of losing money can be devastating. Rabindranath Gitanjali writes in ‘where mind is without fear ….’, i.e. a fearless mind is the key to a meaningful life. “I will not allow anyone to enter my mind on dirty feet,” Gandhiji said. Like the body and the door, the mind also needs to be cleaned, which needs to be cleaned regularly.

In Bekananda’s words, “Transparency and morality are essential to controlling the mind, which is the key element of every religion.”

The mind is always busy. The wolf, which had fallen into the ditch, rushed to the forest in fear of death. Seeing the mixed reaction of tigers, bears, etc. there, his desire to be called the king of the forest engulfed his mind. How quickly the mind changed its character! That is why it is said that it is very difficult to control the mind.

There are so many types it’s hard to say. But even so, the beauty of the mind is overwhelmed.

Bollywood superstars did not do what Sonu Sood, a small Bollywood star, selflessly did during the crown. His attitude is indicative of an answer. Cuttack’s tea shop, which recently passed away. Prakash Rao is another example of such a beautiful mind. Despite poverty, he was able to keep his mind and heart pure and sensitive, educating and educating countless poor children. There is no doubt that the structure and capacity of the minds of such individuals is greater than the minds of many rich, wise and powerful.

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