Abhay Singh a man of different planet. To him, this world has always seemed foreign. He has been searching for a mysterious truth for the rest of his life and has written about it. Nature and protest – these are two of his favorite things. He has reported on many mass movements and environmental protection struggles in Odisha. In addition, all the movements are a little skeptical. All the protesters are his friends, but he has made some vows with all the protesters. He has chosen a nomadic life for himself. He has a hard time living his old home. However, that life is Abhay Singh’s own. He is not a man of bondage. Even family and profession, he has never been in bondage.

Abhay Singh’s biggest acquaintance is that he was the founding editor of Sachitra Vijaya, Odisha’s most popular feature magazine. The magazine, published in the 1990s by Madras’s famous Chandamama publication, was a surprise. Just before the advent of the Internet, this magazine became the favorite magazine of every conscious Oriya reader. Edited by Abhay Singh, the magazine had a unique visual and spiritual look at the time. In each issue, the magazine featured some of the most amazing features of Odisha’s culture, society, literature, traditions and people’s lives.

Abhay Singh unveiled an innovative horizon in his editing. He knew that a magazine could not only focus on creative literature or non-political issues, but also that a cultural magazine must have a political background. So in “Sachitra Vijaya” we saw a picture of many mass movements of the nineties. Kishan Pattanayak, Bankabihari Das, Ravi Roy, Bishwanath Pattanayak, Gandhi’s representative, Ratan Das, Shanti Devi, Parvati Giri, Alekh Charan Patra, the last charioteers of the Odisha Socialist Movement, were prominent figures in the “Sachitra Vijaya”. He had the rare courage to write about those who no one wrote about. This rare courage of his also put him in trouble.

He left “Sachitra Vijaya” when the magazine was at the peak of its popularity. It is this rare courage behind the sudden release of a magazine that sells millions of copies. Abhay Singh is always invincible. That’s what he understood. Without saying a word, he resigned in a moment. As he left, the brightness of the “Sachitra Bijaya” diminished.

Many new things have happened and are happening in the world of Oriya journalism, but a successful story like “Sachitra Vijaya” rarely happens. The story of Abhay Singh’s magazine editing can often be unbelievable. We saw him walking miles and miles to add a photo. Once when one of his colleagues told him, why don’t you search for photos on Google? “The internet is the biggest conspiracy of multinational companies against humans,” he told sternly. What he said is partially true now that it is becoming increasingly clear. He shared his life on social issues and spiritual exploration. Gandhi-Lohia-Kishan Patnaik on the one hand and Shri Arvind, Vivekananda and Raman Maharshi on the other. He lived his intellectual life in a strange bond. Rather than some other identity of Abhay Singh, it would be fair to call him a nomadic world

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